High Impact Presentation Skills Training

We provide high-impact presentation skills training that delivers immediate results for your people. Our training programmes cover all the major priorities in planning, preparing, designing and delivering impactful presentations. Participants not only learn techniques and approaches but immediately apply them in the context of their own presentations so that they see immediate benefits. We use video to ensure that participants get immediate feedback and can improve their delivery throughout the workshop.

Of critical importance in being an effective presenter is the ability to have confidence when you present. Our training programmes focus on building confidence in any presentation situation.

Individual 1:1 Presentation Coaching

Presenting is an important skill for leaders if they are to influence others. We work with leaders individual to coach them to become highly effective with their presenting. Our coaching combines awareness raising and feedback with targeted input on key concepts. We work with live presentations so that the individual can apply what they learn and recognise the improvement they are making.

Whether you need to influence a board, investors, your team or a market then our 1:1 coaching can help.

Pitch Training

Pitching is an increasingly important aspect of winning new work. In competitive situations, it is often how an individual or pitch team come across rather than what they say that makes the difference.

What are the secrets of highly effective pitch teams? How do you successfully differentiate and win ‘hearts and minds’ through  a pitch presentation? Our targeted high-impact workshops focus on applying the key approaches and using them in live situations to help you prepare and deliver a winning pitch.

This was an excellent presentation on many levels (e.g. pace, audience engagement, quality of knowledge imparted), especially in consideration of the time limitation. I would definitely spend another 2hrs 30mins to listen to Tom again.


Brilliant…. They are a great team. Really useful stuff to put into effect right away. Well worth the time spent.

M Walker-Wilson

It was an amazing day. I learned so much. I wish everyone could gain the knowledge I have gained so far. It's an unbelievable experience!

Cambridge University Undergraduate