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Consultant trainers Tom Bird and Jeremy Cassell (known as ‘Tom and Jerry’ to their clients and followers) have almost 40 years’ business experience between them. Tom’s background in taking high tech/software companies public has given him broad exposure to the challenges of this industry in Europe and US. Jerry’s experience at L’Oreal and Pepsi, working in both sales and as a trainer, has given him insight into the challenges of large corporations.

They really do understand what it takes to achieve success. As trainers they have founded and grown two flourishing consulting businesses, they are the authors of 3 (soon to be 4) business books, they speak regularly around the world for clients or at conferences, and they have been profiled in the Financial Times.

Tom Bird - half of Tom and Jerry, trainers in influence

Tom has a background in sales and business management and has worked at VP level in both private and public companies. He is an NLP Master Practitioner and has qualifications in coaching as well as Business and Finance.

Jerry Cassell - half of Tom and Jerry, trainers in influence

Jerry has a background in sales and has worked in companies such as L’Oreal and Pepsi, becoming Head of Training Development for L’Oreal. He is a certified coach and NLP trainer.

Today they use their personal experience and focus on teaching both business people and trainers how to grow their businesses and reach their goals by giving them the skills to influence in all situations, to speak and present with impact and to sell and negotiate effectively.

They run a successful six-figure consultancy business called Release the Potential Limited (RTPC Ltd) and work with businesses around the world and across a range of industries. Their clients include: retail (Burberry, Cartier), brand owners (VF Europe (who own Wranger, Lee, Vans, The North Face and Reef) and Wolverine (who own Hush Puppies)), tech (Siemens) and finance (Aviva plc, Caitlin Group, Hermes Fund Managers) and a range in between.

They are founding partners and co-owners of a seven-figure business called The Moller PSF Group affiliated to Cambridge University, which has quickly become the UK’s largest provider of business training, coaching and consultancy to professional service firms. Clients include the top law firms Linklaters, Eversheds, Ince & Co and Baker & McKenzie.

They have written the UK’s No. 1 best-selling sales book in Europe “Brilliant Selling”, along with “The Financial Times Guide to Business Training”, “The C3 Model of Influencing™ Field Guide” and most recently “The Leader’s Guide to Presenting”, all available on Amazon.

A wonderful wonderful talk! Tom and Jerry are excellent speakers, who are clearly passionate about and know their stuff very well, and they presented in a very graspable and fun manner. I started reading their book on the way home, and it took 4 stops for me to realise that I had taken the tube in the wrong direction. Oops! But it’s proof that the subject matter was incredibly engaging. Thank you Tom and Jerry for a greatly informative talk!!


Seriously enjoyed the talk by Tom and Jerry. Some very useful and practical tips, very funny and really interactive. I liked how simple their Influence Model was explained and always remember to always ask what is important to people (values) in order to properly tailor your service to their needs - can't wait for the next one!


Fun and informative talk from two polished professionals! Useful tips which I'll be putting to good use at work! Thank you!


How do they do that! Tom and Jerry's presenting style looked effortless which meant I relaxed with them and could take in more. I came away with some real gems.