The Leader's Guide
To Presenting

Presentations are an inevitable part of a leader's
day to day. They are fundamental to delivering
information, motivating staff and building relationships.

High-impact skills training

Our presentation skills training programmes focus on building confidence in any presentation situation.

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1:1 presentation coaching

Whether you need to influence a board, investors, your team or a market then our 1:1 coaching can help.

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Pitch training

Our targeted workshops focus on applying the key approaches and using them to prepare and deliver a winning pitch.

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Our book

The Leader’s Guide to Presenting is a highly practical guide to delivering engaging and influential presentations.

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This was an excellent presentation on many levels (e.g. pace, audience engagement, quality of knowledge imparted), especially in consideration of the time limitation. I would definitely spend another 2hrs 30mins to listen to Tom again.


Brilliant…. They are a great team. Really useful stuff to put into effect right away. Well worth the time spent.

M Walker-Wilson

It was an amazing day. I learned so much. I wish everyone could gain the knowledge I have gained so far. It's an unbelievable experience!

Cambridge University Undergraduate

Wow! The talk was engaging, inspiring and very useful for anyone that interacts with another human-being. There were several tips and techniques to help with presentations, both pre (calming and putting yourself into a positive state/mindset) and during the presentation (connecting with or getting credibility from your audience). Tom and Jerry really know their stuff and get it across in relaxed, enjoyable, informative and engaging style.